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Why partner with MD Credit?

We Handle Approvals

  • We help your patients get approved.
  • A positive patient experience is our highest priority.
  • Affordable monthly payments allow patients stability.
  • Clear payment plans means no misleading offers, or hidden fees.

Build Your Business

  • Create equity for your practice.
  • Give yourself more time to focus on future planning.
  • Foster higher customer retention and more referrals.
  • Eliminate discounting for deferred payments with interest.
  • Book more procedures.

Use Our Support

  • We provide training for office staff.
  • You will have a dedicated support representative.
  • Our helpful US-based customer service supports your patients.
  • Secure online account management keeps you informed.

Expand Your Practice Opportunities

Typically, 85% of the market is underserved. We will help you capture that market and expand your patient reach and the number of procedures your practice can perform. And since you own that credit as a partner with MD Credit, you stand to earn more per procedure, on top of the benefit of increasing the amount of procedures performed.

More Credit for Desired Procedures

Don’t put a limit on your or your patient’s ambitions. We will work with patients to get them access to the most available credit that is affordably responsible for them, so they can afford the full procedure they want.

More Procedures for More Patients

We work with all patients to get them affordable, responsible credit. Our captive finance program allows for a comprehensive evaluation to determine good client relationships with vastly more people than traditional lending companies.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Get Started.

Do I need any special software to use MD Credit?

You only need to be able to access on-line and receive emails.

Can MD Credit pre-qualify patients?

Your patient can apply online at, by fax at (844) 632-4200 or by emailing Your office is also welcome to send us a completed patient application prior to the patient’s consultation so we can provide you a pre-qualification.

Why is MD Credit the best financing solution for your practice?

MD Credit was established to help your business thrive. By assisting you in providing credit to your patients, you upgrade to a more profitable and stable practice by eliminating discounting, approving more procedures, selling more high profit procedures, and participating in the interest collected from patients. No other financing solution provides you these benefits and lets you own and control the wealth created by extending credit to your patients. Simply put, you are creating the value by performing your procedures you deserve to keep more of the profits you create. No one should have to trade an upfront payment from another finance company for discounts and no share of the interest generated on YOUR HARD WORK.

Are the patients required to provide a deposit?

As the care provider you own the finance program. Whether you want to charge and keep a deposit to cover your out-of-pocket expenses is at your election. Such costs may include, anesthetics, surgical materials and other elements required for the procedure. Every dollar collected of deposit goes directly to you the care provider.

What is the application process? How much time will I spend using this program?

The program was designed to be easy for doctors – MD Credit does the work. Simply provide the patient with the credit application or direct them to our patient website or have them call (844) 632-3200 and speak to our helpful servicing staff. After you complete the procedure, enjoy your full fee and a portion of the associated interest that we collect for you and automatically deposit into your account each month.

What approval rates can I expect for my patients?

Most of your patients will receive some level of approval. Offering your own credit allows you to eliminate discounting and avoids procedures leaking out of your practice. Why let a procedure or the profits associated with a procedure walk out your practice without even trying to collect them; especially when MD Credit will do the work for you.

How do I get started?

Registering with MD Credit is quick and easy. You are welcome to apply on our website using the “enroll” button below, call us at (844) 632-3200 or email us at You are also welcome to print the Application Packet from the Forms section above. Please be sure to print the packet for the state in which you are based.

How are the funds sent to my practice?

Funds will be directly deposited in to your account on a monthly basis. We use the direct deposit process (ACH, Automatic Clearing House) as it eliminates mailing delays and misplaced checks. We recommend establishing a unique bank account to automatically track all fund activity from MD Credit, although it is not required.

How will I know if my patients have been approved or denied?

You may log on to your private secured doctor portal to review patient details and status at any time by clicking the ‘login’ button on our website And using the password you were provided when you enrolled. We will also send your office email notifications of most activity that might require your attention. When your patient is approved, you are sent via email a link to our secure site where you will find our recommendation, which your office may confirm or reject. Your office is always welcome to call our helpful US based servicing staff with any questions (844) 632-3200.

How do I approve the final terms of a Patient Contract?

An email notification is sent to your office that will direct you to a secured doctor portal where you can review all pending applications, which can either be rejected or accepted at your election. Your office may also call our friendly US based loan-servicing associates directly for assistance or support. (844) 632-3200.

What if the final treatment amount changes after the patient agreement is signed?

It is common for procedure amounts and even procedure dates to shift. As you own the program, we are completely flexible to what is best for your practice. Simply notify us by phone (844) 632-3200 or email of what changes you need addressed. If you forget to notify us and we begin billing a patient on the wrong date you can always call us and we can fix the issue.

What about defaults?

Typically, the primary concern doctors have is defaults. As doctor’s using MD Credit can attest, you are currently experiencing more loss from existing finance companies than you could ever face from defaults. By using traditional outside patient financing programs, you are being discounted, not participating in the interest they generate, losing procedures that are not approved, and upsell opportunities. MD Credit has created a proprietary patient approval system, which makes it possible for doctors to dramatically increase case acceptance and practice profitability.