MD Credit Welcomes Dr. Shay Byron Dean

The MD Credit team would like to give a warm welcome to the newest doctor on the program, Dr. Shay Dean of Dean Plastic Surgery Associates, Inc. ( His practice and his ambition are in lockstep with MD Credit and our philosophy of empowering Physicians to take more ownership of the business that is their practice.


One of the most admirable characteristics about Dr. Dean is his work outside of his practice’s walls. His volunteer work and leadership led him to create The S.H.A.Y. Foundation where he works to help children in Africa with trauma injuries, congenital defects and general reconstruction in an effort to not only treat them aesthetically but also improve their quality of life as a whole. The S.H.A.Y. Foundation has successfully provided many of Africa’s youth with care that would otherwise be unattainable. You can find more information on the The S.H.A.Y. Foundation on their website:

The MD Credit team admires and thanks Dr. Dean for being a part of something great and hopes to continue his mission in helping patients gain access to care when they need it most.